29 October 2022

ZK-AWP Again

Thanks to Barry Stern who caught these two photos of Air Chathams' Douglas DC-3 ZK-AWP heading off to Tauranga on the 23rd of October 2022



  1. I just expanded the photo to look more clearly at it and two things struck me. First, the cheat line is far from straight and wobbles all over the place. Second (and this is really testing my memory) the typeface for the main airline titles looks a bit odd - was it really this typeface? Or were both my observations the result of my expanding the picture beyond what was appropriate?

  2. It would appear the distortions you note are on the photograph only. There is no such distortion on the aircraft. The typeface is not the same as the original version when in NAC service. At that time, letters such as D and O, were squared rather than rounded. When it was repainted in the mid 1990s with the Skyliner scheme the typeface was wrong and when Air Chathams repainted it for its third (current) Skyliner stint they based it on the wrong "rounded" version rather than the "squared" NAC one. It still looks very nice all the same.