13 May 2010

Cheap Seats to the Provinces Every Wednesday and Thursday

This is a days old but nonetheless interesting...

Source : http://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/news/3595157/Lucky-few-snap-up-cheap-Invercargill-flights

Some lucky Southlanders will be jetting around the country and overseas on cheap seats they managed to snap up on the Air New Zealand website on Thursday. All the deals on the Grabaseat site that day were devoted to flights to or from Invercargill. Grabaseat manager Duane Perrott said the focus on one centre was part of a push to concentrate on provincial centres on Wednesday and Thursday each week. An alert from the airline said: "We get a lot of constructive criticism at Grabaseat that we look after the main centres too much." Its solution was to launch the midweek promotion. The number of times centres such as Invercargill and Queenstown appeared on the website fluctuated greatly, Mr Perrott said. "Sometimes you might see them four times a week, other times they might only come up once every couple of weeks. It just depends on the capacity, the seats available on each flight." The Invercargill spots had sold well, he said. "They went a lot quicker than we would usually expect." However, international deals – from Invercargill to Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tonga, Brisbane and Melbourne – had been slower to sell. Deals from Queenstown the day before had also not sold as well, Mr Perrot said. "But what we're kind of putting that down to is that it was the first day of the promotion, so people weren't as aware of it. "We think it will really start snowballing each Wednesday and Thursday as we get further into it," he said. While there were still some weeks until the promotion finishes in June, it was unlikely Invercargill and Queenstown would pop up again. "We're trying to get round all the regions, so in this particular promotion they've probably had their go," he said. However, if the promotion remained successful, Air New Zealand would look at making it a regular thing, he said.

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