15 May 2010

Wellington Emergency...

Source : http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/3702351/Engine-alert-causes-Wellington-Airport-runway-closure

Is the headline a bit melodramatic??? Surely an emergency or precautionary landing would have priority?! Perhaps a more realistic headline might be "Aircraft Lands Safely" but then that might not sell news...

Engine alert causes Wellington Airport runway closure
A fire warning indication light sparked an alert on an aircraft about to land at Wellington early this afternoon, leading to the closure of the runway. Pilots on Mount Cook flight NZ5038 from Dunedin to Wellington were alerted to a fire warning light just before touchdown. "Following standard operating procedures the pilots requested the airport fire service to inspect the aircraft," an airline spokeswoman said. "The ATR aircraft landed without incident and the engine was shut down on the runway. There was no evidence of smoke or fire." An inspection by engineers also found no trace of fire. Once checked the plane taxied to the gate for 61 passengers to disembark. The aircraft was now undergoing further inspections.

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