28 May 2010

Air Freight's Convairs - End of a Colour Scheme

The familiar red, white and blue colour scheme of Air Freight (NZ) Ltd's Convairs has finally disappeared sometime over the last twelve months. ZK-KFH was the last Convair to be repainted in the quite plane white colour scheme, which despite its blandness, actually suits the Convairs and makes them look quite sharp. The red white and blue colour scheme has been on the Convairs since Air Freight NZ started in 1989, thought the logo on the tail has been simplified over the years. Meanwhile, every night these old and faithful work horses truck up and down the country between Auckland and Christchurch.
ZK-FTA sporting the original colour scheme and logo at Auckland on 30 January 1992. Photo : S Lowe

ZK-KFH in the old colour scheme (above) at Auckland on 23 June 2009 and repainted in the new scheme (below) at Auckland on 15 May 2010

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