27 May 2010

Post Updates - Associated Airlines

I have been given one correction on my post on Associated Airlines... http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2010/05/associated-air-paraparaumus-friendly.html

On 20 November 1995 Associated Airlines once again began operating a daily return each weekday between Paraparaumu and Auckland in their own name using their Cessna 421 Golden Eagle. Until then they had been flying the route twice-weekly on contract to Air Nelson.

I had the start date as January 1996.

The original post has been corrected...

However I would still like to know, if anyone has this information,
  • The date Metroliners were withdrawn from Papaparaumu
  • Details of the Air Nelson Paraparaumu-Auckland Cessna 421 service.
Please write a comment or e-mail me at westland831@gmail.com  

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