20 January 2013

25 Years Ago - January 1988 - Timaru and Ashburton

The most exotic visitor to Timaru during January 1988 was Cessna Citation  VH-WNP taken on 12 January 1988.
Above, a classic High Country flyer, Cessna 206 ZK-DWX taken on 12 January 1988. Below, new to the region was Studholme Junction-based Cessna 185 ZK-FNX also taken on 12 January 1988 

Cessna 172D ZK-CCJ at Ashburton on 11 January 1988
Currie Wot ZK-CYB at Timaru on 17 January 1988
A couple more Cessnas... above Cessna 180 ZK-DPJ and below, down from Ashburton, Four Seasons Flightseeing Cessna R172K  Hawk ZK-EWA. Both taken at Timaru on 17  January 1988.


Engineless after a repaint - South Canterbury Aerial Co-ops Fletcher ZK-DIL at Timaru on  22 January 1988

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