12 January 2013

Air New Zealand Colours as seen on the ATRs

What is and will soon be, what was... ZK-MCJ on approach to Christchurch on 11 January 2013, in the traditional Air New Zealand teal and blue colours.

What is for a few years...  ZK-MVA on approach to Christchurch on 11 January 2013, in the Rugby World Cup scheme. 

What increasingly will be... ZK-MVB on approach to Christchurch on 12 January 2013, its first day of operations with the new Air New Zealand script and black tail.

So if it was up to me... the colour scheme would feature the ferns as on MVA but with a blue background (instead of black), the white/silver fern (as on MVA) and the grey one being in teal... The painted tail and white fuselage (as on MCJ) has never done anything for me... it lacks originality and doesn't reflect the dynamism we have seen in Air New Zealand that has enabled itself to rebrand itself as a low cost carrier but still a national carrier to be proud of. I lament the loss of the traditional Air New Zealand colours! Black is too colourless! That's my thoughts... what are yours?

1 comment:

  1. Mixed views...The Black is to 'austere' on the new standard livery. It would be nice to see a silver fern motiff along the rear fuselage. Don't mind the one of each fleet in full 'all black' livery. America's Cup time approching (although Emirates are the chief sponsor)get the nationalist juices flowing again. A nice 'treat' showing up now and then at all our airports - any reason why Air Nelson hasn't dealt to a Q300 yet?