25 January 2013

Claris Fire Boon for Okiwi

The recent fire that has caused havoc on Great Barrier Island and the closure of Claris airport has been a boon for Okiwi airfield... Kevin Burke, the editor of the Barrier Bulletin sent me this photo of five BN Islander's at Okiwi... Both Great Barrier Airlines' Islanders and three from Fly My Sky. Only Fly My Sky's ZK-PIY was missing! In the background is Cessna 182 ZK-NPC.

Thankfully Okiwi was usable or the local tourist industry would have suffered and it would have been difficult to get emergency personnel to the island quickly... another reason to seal Okiwi???


  1. How about the Islander that is damaged at Okiwi?

  2. DLA. probable Spar damage, due to two collapsed oleos on heavy landing yesterday morning. Won't be an easy fix.