01 October 2018

Is that an Air Chathams Plane?

Is that an Air Chathams plane I was asked on Saturday?

No, An Eva Air Boeing 777-300 is currently operating for Air New Zealand as ZK-OKT
Photo taken at Auckland on 29 September 2018

These are the Air Chathams' planes...

Air Chathams Saab 340 on the taxi at Auckland on 14 September 2018

Convair 580 ZK-CIE at Auckland on 29 September 2018

Convair 580 ZK-KFL at Auckland on 29 September 2018


  1. Hey Steve, what color scheme do you prefer... Convair/metro sweeping cheat line or just the plain green tail? I know you preferred mount cook f27 paint scheme vs hs748.
    Would the metro/Convair scheme suit the Saab?
    Im guessing that the plain green tail was just a temp thing when the Saab was brought off kiwi regional ? Now the other two have been painted in that same scheme, I wonder if they thought that the green cheat lines scheme just wouldn't look good on the Saab?

    1. Or its just faster and easier to apply and get online

    2. I like the EVA scheme best of all... Then KRA looks quite smart... though I do hate the website titles... I think the cheatlines on the Convair date it.

    3. Eva is a great example of what air chats can do to its livery.
      Reason why I like the metro/580 livery is it reminds me of mount cooks 96 hs748 livery. But it does look dated I have to admit...
      The titles... Air Chathams is more than enough.. especially now that it is more than just an airline serving the Chathams

  2. The 777 is clearly for the Chatham-Pitt service