17 October 2018

The Latest...

From Oceania Air's Facebook page...

There has been a recent scam to try and get funding for the airline on give-a-little nz. The page is in the process of being taken down.

Investors MUST approach us privately by phone, email, or facebook messenger. We will NEVER publicly ask for money.

Please be aware and contact us immediately if you suspect there is a scam out there under our airlines name.

Thank you for your co-operation.

C.E.O Oceania Air Ltd


  1. This airline is fake

  2. It is a breach of financial markets law to try to raise investments by setting up a Givealittle page. The phrase "we will NEVER publicly ask for money" is what the Financial Markets Authority will have told the company. No "scam" by some unknown person - just utter incompetence. "Investors MUST approach us privately" is likewise a breach of the law. Given this evidence that the un-named "CEO" has now done it twice, it is to be hoped that FMA will exercise its powers.

  3. What a joke this all is. Advertises for managers in early September and then announce via Facebook late Sept.

    Having worked in airline management for a fact know that you cant secure people that quickly let alone work through the CAA 119 process which includes interviews etc.


  4. One word. False.