23 October 2018

Things not looking great

In yesterday's Dominion Post there was an Advertisement of Application for putting air2there into liquidation. The application was filed on 25 September 2018 by Nelson Airport Ltd with the case to be heard on 6 November.

This follows air2there's Beech Super King Air being last flown on 10 September and Originair's Jetstreams were last used on 12 September. The Jetstreams were operated for Originair by air2there and since then Originair's services have been operated by Air Wanganui. 

The airline has not operated its Paraparaumu-Blenheim-Nelson-Paraparaumu triangle since earlier this year. If anyone has a last date for this service I would be interested for the records.


  1. What is the issue that Originair can't have its own operating licenced?

  2. Last triangle 23 Oct 2017. One year ago today.

  3. The air service was also operated by the Jetstreams early this year. I don't know whwn that ended

    1. My estimate the last Jetstream triangle was around June or July 2018. Exact date unknown to me too.

  4. Shame that another true 3rd level airline filling a niche need has bitten the dust. A airline I really thought... could have gone somewhere with air NZs restructuring.
    I wonder with Sounds air expansion into ppq and after canceling the codshare between the two,I wonder if Richard Baldwin saw it as a love/hobby and just decided it was fun while it lasted and was in the process of winding down the airline

  5. I am reliably informed the operator voluntarily handed in their air operator certificate (AOC) following issues around the Jetstream maintenance certification. Sounds like whomever held the ability to conduct/sign off maintenance moved on leaving no capability to provide oversight. Real pity.

  6. air2there's website is now down. Anyone know of the results of the Court hearing on the 6th or seen/heard any comment from the owners?