01 October 2018

New Route No Show

It looks like Originair have shelved their new Palmerston North-Napier service at least for the time being. An Air Chathams' Metroliner operated the Nelson-Palmertson North run this morning and later the return service but it seems as if it did not head up to Napier as scheduled for the first flight on that sector. 

Originair's reservation system list full flights in the next few weeks on the Palmerston North-Napier indicating that the service may be operated.

I posted my thoughts on the new routes when they were first announced in August...


  1. saab ciz was also at pmr at the same time as the metro. i wonder what that it was doing there.

    1. Aparrently diverted to PMR because of the weather at Kapiti

    2. I notice now Originair's reservation system doesn't show any flights between Palmerston North and Napier.

  2. NPE-PMR wasn't going to work. It should be NSM-NPE alone just like NPL-NPE return