09 May 2020

It's flying cats and dogs

If you can't fly people... On the 30th of April Air Napier posted on its Facebook page, 🐾 Recently we've been getting quite a number of requests for pet relocation. Goes to show how much we kiwis love our fur friendsIf you have any pets that need to be relocated please fill out our air freight enquiry form at  www.airnapier.co.nz/airfreightIf there is enough demand, we will look at putting together some flights and packages to get them to their homes safely and quickly at a price that's good for everyone : ) the more pets moved, the better it will be for everybody cost-wise. If you might know anyone who would find this useful, please share 😃

So today the pets are on the move with an Air Napier flight due to depart Napier for Christchurch at 10am and for the return flight at 2pm.

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