18 May 2020

Plane Spotting Operations Resume

I had the opportunity to go plane spotting for the first time today since lockdown... it was a beautiful day at Tauranga on 18 May 2020... Nice to catch up Pete!

On flying duties for Sunair are Piper Aztecs ZK-DGS...
and ZK-ERM. It was nice to see ERM on the 14th... it flew from Whangarei to Hamilton and then doing a charter to Wellington and back.
Withdrawn from use is Piper Aztec ZK-PIW
ZK-TDM is also out of action at present is ZK-TDM with its port engine removed.
On departure was Air New Zealand Bombardier Q300 ZK-NEO

This was the first time I had seen Cessna 172 ZK-FLT in Tauranga Aero Club colours
This was also the first time I had seen Tecnam P96 Golf ZK-WFG 


  1. Glad to see NEO is still flying, even with a greatly reduced schedule. I had thought the non-repainted Q300's would have been parked up long term.

    1. It’s not really about the paint job that matters, it’s aircraft hours, up-to-date maintenance tasks and where it’s positioned to operate.