05 December 2022

Barrier Air's first Tauranga - Great Barrier

My record of Barrier Air's first scheduled Tauranga - Great Barrier Island service, GB 963, on the 2nd of December 2022

Barrier Air's counter in Tauranga's terminal

Cessna 208B Grand Caravan ZK-SDC - all fueled up at Tauranga and ready for the return flight to Great Barrier Island

The going and coming of Q300s while boarding and awaiting start... ZK-NEQ departing, ZK-NEE arriving

Lined on for departure on 25

Farewell Tauranga

The Port of Tauranga and the Mount

The Mount with Mayor Island on the horizon

The long sweep of Matakana Island

Rangiwaea Island in the foreground with Matakana Island behind

Avocado plantation on Motuhoa Island

Hato Hohepa church Matakana Island

The barge terminal and wharf at Opureora, Matakana Island

Five of the 13 ships waiting to enter port

The Alderman Islands

Moturehu - Double Island (left) and Whakau - Red Mercury Island (right)

Kawhitu - Stanley Island (left) and Moturehu - Double Island (right)

Repanga - Cuvier Island

On descent into Great Barrier Island

Claris airport

Crossing the beach

and about to cross the threshold on Runway 28

Claris terminal

Unloading and loading - ZK-SDC before operating the last flight back to Auckland


Congratulations to Barrier Air on the launch of their new service.

I have updated my Barrier Air history

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