08 December 2022

GB 587 to Great Barrier Island


While we were about to start so was Air Chathams' Saab 340 ZK-KRA

Cargo door open, Airwork's Boeing 737-400 ZK-TLM

Piper PA46 N9099Z had just arrived from Nelson

Number two for departure after Air Chatham's Saab 340 ZK-KRA 

After the landing American Airlines' heavy, line up 23 

The Auckland tarmac

High tide covering the Karore Bank of Manaukau Harbour

Laingholm Bay

Auckland city

Looking back towards Puketutu Island and the airport 


Out in the Gulf, Motuihe Island/Te Motu-e-Ihenga and Waiheke Island behind

Waiheke Island...

and its urban sprawl

And then there was cloud

Channel Island

Descending into Great Barrier Island

Tryphena Harbour to the right

Descending into Claris... Kaitoke Beach to the left, Medlands Beach and Oruawharo Bay to the right

Claris airport and Te Ahumata beyond 

Thanks to Jake King for a great flight... and the front seat!

How many doors are there on a Caravan?

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