16 May 2013

25 years ago - 16 May 1988 - North Island Road trip

Cessna 172 ZK-BZU at Masterton
Piper Pa28 Cherokee 140 ZK-CNY at Masterton
Fletcher ZK-DLV at Masterton
Piper Pa28 Archer ZK-DOS at Masterton
Fletcher ZK-DZM at Masterton
Fletcher ZK-DUJ at Pahiatua

Fletcher ZK-EML at Pahiatua

Once a Palmerston North based airliner, Piper Pa23 Apache at Palmerston North - see http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/middle-districts-aero-clubs-airline.html 
Piper Pa32 Cherokee 6 at Palmerston North
Piper Pa28 Archer at Palmerston North
Grumman G-164 Ag-Cat ZK-KAL at Kairanga
Schweizer G-164B-20T ZK-SJA At Kairanga
Wanganui Aero Work's Bell Jetranger ZK-HTM at Wanganui
The Helicopter Line's Hughes 500D at Hawera
Cessna 188 Agwagon ZK-DPC at Stratford

Cessna 150 ZK-DRE at Stratford

Cessna 152 ZK-FCQ at Stratford

Piper Pa18-95 Cub at New Plymouth

Victa Airtourer 115 ZK-COW at New Plymouth
The Ministry of Transport's Cessna 182 ZK-DCR at New Plymouth
Piper Pa39 Twin Commanche ZK-EHQ at New Plymouth
Beech Baron ZK-ESF at New Plymouth
Operating for Helicopters NZ was Bell 212 ZK-HBK at New Plymouth


  1. Schweizer Ag Gat ZK-SJA become a G-164B-20T after it was modified for a PT6A turbine installation in 1992. Before this it was just a G-164B

  2. Cessna 150 ZK-DRE was my first plane when learning to fly, she was based at Ardmore then.