03 May 2013

Airvan Enters Service

Milford Sound Flights have introduced their new Gippsland GA8 Airvan ZK-MCM (c/n GA8-7-119) into service. The Airvan flew into Queenstown from Melbourne as VH-NYD on 5 February 2013. Since then it has been undergoing NZ certification at Flightline in Dunedin.
A Real Journeys' media release details its entry into service on 30 April 2013
The new generation GA8 Airvan seats seven passengers and is optimised for passenger viewing with high-wing configuration and panoramic windows. It’s also designed to meet the latest international safety standards. Richard Lauder Chief Executive of Real Journeys, which co-owns Milford Sound Flights with Skyline Enterprises, says the purchase of the new Airvan signals confidence in the continued growth of Queenstown’s tourism market. “We know ‘flightseeing’ into Milford is a compelling offering for visitors, especially when they combine it with a cruise option. This new plane will optimise the customer experience considerably,” says Richard. Jeff Staniland Chief Executive Officer at Skyline Enterprises says the purchase of the Airvan is the first in a series of possible investments to upgrade Milford Sound Flights existing fleet. “The Airvans are also better in an environmental sense, using less fuel and therefore having less environmental impact – so it’s a win win really,” says Jeff.

Milford Sound Flights’ new Airvan passed through its ‘crossing of the guard’ at Queenstown Airport on 30 April 2013 following its first passenger flight.

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