20 May 2013

25 years ago - 20 May 1988 - North Island Road trip - Matamata, Hamilton and Tauranga

At Matamata

Out at Matamata was the local Aero Club's Cessna 150 ZK-CST
Also at Matamata was Piper Pa28 Cherokee 180
Over at Hamilton there were a lot of planes but lousy weather...  Remember when you used to be able to wander and get photos???

At Hamilton I captured Piper Cub ZK-BPK
Aerial Work Mid Northern's Fletcher ZK-CRY was engineless...
while Kaitaia Aerial Topdressing's Fletcher ZK-DBZ was just about to be exported
Robertson Air Service's Fletcher ZK-DHE was also engineless
The Opotiki Aero Club's smart looking Piper Cherokee 140 ZK-DEL
Cessna 172 ZK-DKC 
Cessna 180 ZK-DKE
Cessna 206 ZK-DOV 
A couple of Cessna 152s... ZK-EJZ and ZK-EOQ

...and a couple of Eagle Air Embraer Bandeirantes... ZK-ERU (above) and ZK-FHX  (below)

Piper Pa28 Archer ZK-ESK
Cessna 182 ZK-EWJ 
Another Cessna 152, ZK-FNV
Back at Tauranga...

The Tauranga Aero Club's Piper Pa28 Archer ZK-EQE and Cessna 152 ZK-TAC 

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