23 May 2013

25 years ago - 23 May 1988 - North Island Road trip - Ardmore and Auckland

When was the last time you had a day like this at Ardmore????

Grumman Widgeon ZK-CFA
Victa Airtourer ZK-CGM
MS 880B Rallye ZK-CKK
Victa Airtourer ZK-CLD
Great Barrier Airlines Piper Pa32 Cherokee 6 ZK-CNS
Piper Pa28 Cherokee 140 ZK-CNZ
Piper Pa23 Aztec ZK-CUS
Piper Pa18 Cub ZK-CYU
Piper Pa28 Cherokee 235 ZK-DBO
Another Great Barrier Airlines' Piper Pa32 Cherokee 6, ZK-DDF
Piper Pa28 Cherokee 140 ZK-DEH
Cessna 303 Crusader ZK-EXA
Cessna 172 ZK-DFX 
Piper Pa32 Cherokee 6 ZK-DIV
Piper Pa23 Aztec DQ-FEG a.k.a ZK-DJG
Cessna 177RG Cardinal ZK-DRF
Cessna 206 ZK-DRH
Ted Smith Aerostar ZK-DYW
Piper Pa28 Cherokee 140 ZK-ECY
Cessna 206 ZK-EDI
Counties Aerial Work's Fletcher ZK-EGH
Cessna 320 Skyknight ZK-EGN
Ardmore Air Charter's Cessna 172 ZK-EJQ
Cessna 172 ZK-EKF
The Auckland Aero Club's Cessna 172 ZK-ELU
Cessna 172s ZK-EOA  (above) and ZK-EOB (below)

Cessna 152 ZK-EOY
BAe 125-800 ZK-EUI
Ardmore Flying School's Piper Pa38 Tomahawk ZK-EVL 
Motor Holdings' Cessna 172 ZK-EXD... this machine was often used on Motor Holdings' service to Waiheke Island - http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2011/08/wings-of-gulf-waiheke-air-services.html
Piper Pa28RT-201 Turbo Arrow, ZK-FKJ
Ardmore Flying School's Piper Pa38 Tomahawk ZK-FML
Piper Pa32 Lance, ZK-FMO
Piper Pa34 Seneca ZK-FMW
Piper Pa28 Archer ZK-FOS
Grumman AA-1C Lynx ZK-FPA
Ardmore Flying School's Piper Pa38 Tomahawk ZK-FTM
Airwork NZ's Hughes 300 ZK-HIV
Hughes 500D ZK-HNS
Bell Jetranger ZK-HQT
Heli Travel's Aerospatiale Squirrel ZK-HST
Bell Jetranger ZK-HWR
Bell Jetranger ZK-HXF
Marine Helicopter's Bell Longranger ZK-HXK
Aerospatiale AS365 Dauphin ZK-HXW
Hughes 300 ZK-HZA
Aerospatiale Squirrel ZK-HZK
Partenavia ZK-LAL
Flightline's Cessna 402C, ZK-LMK
A couple of imports... Cessna 206 N7554N which became ZK-JMK
Piper Pa32 Saratoga N8355A which became ZK-FOZ
A couple of hulks.... NZ1057 restored and now flying as ZK-TVI - see it now at http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2013/02/retired-trainers-at-masterton.html
Wairarapa Airlines' Piper Pa31 Chieftain ZK-PKC - http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2010/11/wairarapa-airlines-revisited.html
Cessna 206 ZK-RPG
Retired from airline service, ex Nationwide Aviation Piper Pa31 Chieftain  ZK-SDH. To  see it in airline service  go to http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2012/09/nationwide-aviation-taranakis-own.html
Beech 58 Baron ZK-SPE
Cessna 172 ZK-TFT
Piper Pa34 Senecas ZK-TLC (above) and ZK-VAN (below)

The Waitemata Aero Club's Slingby Fireflies, ZK-WAE and ZK-WAF.

Another Piper Pa34 Seneca, ZK-WUG... now with Air Napier  - http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2011/02/air-napier-only-airline-flying-to.html
Cessna 402 ZK-ZMC
Meanwhile over at Auckland International

there was Piper Pa23 Aztec ZK-CEU
Bell Longranger ZK-HYV

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  1. Never to be repeated I'm afraid :-(

    What a collection of shots!