08 May 2013

Flying Cats and Dogs

A generous offer by Sounds Air to fly SPCA animals between Marlborough and Wellington has opened the door for better co-operation between the two animal shelters. Marlborough SPCA animal care manager Jess Monk says about a month ago she struck a deal with the airline, which they have used in the past to transport animals across the Cook Strait. "The have very generously offered free passage for up to six cages a month, to transport animals from the Marlborough SPCA to the SPCA in Wellington," Jess says. The two SPCA centres have had a good relationship for some time, moving animals between them to improve their chances of adoption. The Marlborough SPCA also occasionally takes advantage of cheaper veterinary services in Wellington when available for the desexing and treatment of the animals in their care. "This will mean that we can do more with our relationship with Wellington. "At the normal price of $50 per cage per flight, this offer is a big help," Jess says. Sounds Air managing director Andrew Crawford said the company was only too happy to help out and do its part for a worthy cause. "The SPCA has a good name and does great work. "We like to help out and we often have some spare cargo space so it's a good partnership," he says. This is the first time the animal shelter and the airline have had a partnership arrangement and Jess and the other staff at the shelter are thrilled with the outcome.

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