15 August 2015

ZK-KRA repaint well on the way...

On Kiwi Regional Airlines' Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/kiwiRegionalairlines?fref=photo) there are these and some other photos of the repaint of their Saab 340 which it seems is to be registered as ZK-KRA


  1. I wish they had given a uni graphic designer a dozen Tui and got them to design a better paint scheme than this. They could have explored some other fonts other than Arial. There was just no effort put into it.

    The colours are very old school, but not cool in a retro way. That forest green tail just reminds me of the Greens party logo mixed with a bit of Iraqi Airways.

    This day and age, fledgling companies need to show that they are snazzy and hip. They need to prove that they know what is cool, trendy and stylish. Air New Zealand, Qantas, Sounds, Origin and even Barrier have updated their styling, websites and uniforms in the last few years to follow this trend. KRA are really starting on a back foot here. It's not vibrant, it doesn't stand out and it doesn't look like a 'cool' airline that I would go out of my way to fly with.

    They are stumbling at the starting blocks.

  2. I think it's an "ok" livery... plain, but clean lines, simple to see and read. While I'd prefer a really fancy livery (for example, the tails on Norwegian airlines), Kiwi Regional will likely be trying to keep costs as low as they can, and a simple livery does that.

    It could be worse... :-)

  3. I agree it's not as snazzy as say originair's bold new look, but it's clean, it's clear and it's got scope for enhancement in future if they like.