03 June 2021

Air Chathams' Introduces Baa Service


On the Air Chathams' Facebook page today was this photo of the airline's remaining Convair 580 ZK-CIB after it flew the airline's first ever large-scale live animal flight from the Chatham Islands to Napier this afternoon. On board were  160 lambs... 2340 lambs will follow over the next few weeks. The flight was flown by Craig Emeny and Daryl Pettit. 

CIB at the Chathams... Photo : Nick Nikoloff - And the best comment I thought (might be because its work related) was from Tim Gorman, It's a little known fact that Noah before he built the Ark, was trying to source a Convair 580, but had no luck, so he committed to building the Ark.

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