04 June 2021

Blast from the Past #3


TAI (Transports Aériens Intercontinentaux) Douglas C-54A-15-DC Skymaster, F-BELG, arrives at Whenuapai


  1. Hi Steve
    Good you are giving Bruce's old photos an airing. A small point, the rego is actually F-BELG as confirmed by the LG on the nose door. That rego is permanently committed to my memory bank as that aircraft would be one of the highlights of my regular Whenuapai visits in the late 1950s early 1960s.

  2. Thanks Peter... Didn't zoom in enough! Can see it now

  3. Ah yes I remember F-BELG from my Met Service days. It used to give half hourly weather reports as it plugged its way across the ocean. These reports were plotted on the weather maps to aid the forcasters.
    And a bit off topic but the RNZAF Sunderlands did similar. I recall coming on shift in the morning and the Sunderland departing from Evans Bay in Wellington - I would do my eight hours and the Sunderland would still be working its way towards Rose Bay in Sydney.
    Thanks for the memory Steve.