24 June 2021

Hainan Airlines' other Kiwi Connection

Hainan Airlines started flying to Auckland on the 31st December of 2016. But long before that Hainan Airlines had a kiwi connection...

A couple of days ago Christian Laugier wrote an email to me from France asking about the photo of the Metro 23 below. He wrote, I was recently searching on the web information about the Metroliner ZK-JSV (see attached photo) and I found your very interesting website, nice job !! I am wondering what is exactly this livery because this Metro has not got clear titles but i presume it operated for Origin Pacific, but what are the reasons for this scheme if you know :) This slide was taken in September 2000. I am a French photographer (slides) since over 40 years, I visited AKL and Ardmore briefly once in Dec 1999, so a while ago. I will certainly consider visiting NZ again when the situation will allow. 

So here is the Metro...

Metro 23 ZK-JSV at Christchurch in September 2000.

My reply said, I am sure you found my posts on ZK-JSV in the Air Chathams and Origin Pacific Airways profiles on my blog...



In particular, From the 16th of June 2000 Origin ended its alliance with Airwork and entered into a new arrangement with Air Chathams, though it continued to use Airwork aircraft at various times over subsequent years. Origin leased two Fairchild Metro 23s, ZK-JSJ and JSV, from Air Chathams to handle the growing demand for freight and passenger flights. The company contracted Air Chathams to operate and crew these aircraft on Origin’s passenger and freight services. Origin also used Air Chatham's Fairchild Metroliner III ZK-CIC. All three Metros flew freight at night and passengers during the day and at one stage the aircraft were averaging 12 flying hours a day! Dunedin was quietly dropped from the network in the latter part of 2000.

To answer your particular question, the registration history of ZK-JSV is as follows...

ZK-JSV        Fairchild Swearingen SA227DC Metro 23                         DC-868B

N30296        00/08/1994      Fairchild Aircraft Corp, San Antonio, Texas

                     00/07/1997      Registration cancelled

B-3952         00/08/1997      Hainan Airlines, Haikou, Hainan, China

                     00/05/2000      Registration cancelled

C-FAFI        05/05/2000      Alta Flights (Charters) Inc, Edmonton, Alberta

                     19/05/2000      Registration cancelled

ZK-JSV        22/05/2000      Inglis Aircraft Ltd, Nelson

                     25/05/2000      Orgin Pacific Airways Ltd, Nelson

                     25/05/2000      Air Chathams Ltd, Chatham Islands

                     01/10/2001      Orgin Pacific Airways Ltd, Nelson

                     06/07/2003      Air Chathams Ltd, Chatham Islands

                     27/06/2007      Registration cancelled

C-FAFI        01/08/2007      Alta Flights (Charters) Inc, Edmonton, Alberta

                     23/02/2011      Registration cancelled

N654AR       23/02/2011      EP Aviation LLC, Wood Dale, Illinois

The colour scheme in your photo is in the Hainan Airlines scheme. It was later painted into Origin Pacific colours.

An interesting little Kiwi connection I thought. 

Christian said I could use the photo... I have no clue who took it, maybe I received it by letter from one of my NZ correspondents when I used to trade slides actively. He also asked, Do you know any one who would be interested in trading slides with me ? I live in Paris, I have a collection of more than 125.000 top quality ramp shots slides and I am interested in growing my NZ collection. I just retired after I have been working more than 40 years at Paris airports airside.

If you are interested in trading slides with Christian email me at westland831@gmail.com and I will pass on your contact details.

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