18 June 2021

Blast from the Past #9

De Havilland 83 Fox Moth ZK-ASP at Matamata, ca. 1957-1960

 ZK-ASP was originally Air Travel (NZ)'s pioneer Fox Moth, ZK-ADI. After seeing RNZAF service during World War II it was added to NZNAC's fleet again for service in South Westland. It is still wearing its NZNAC colour scheme here minus its Māori name Mimiro.

ZK-ASP       DH.83 Fox Moth                                                                 c/n 4097

ZK-ADI       29/01/1935      Air Travel (NZ) Ltd, Hokitika

See : http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2016/09/air-travel-nz-new-zealands-first-airline.html

                     00/00/1943      Registration cancelled

NZ566          12/04/1943      Royal New Zealand Air Force...impressed

See : https://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2021/05/in-my-previous-existence.html

ZK-ASP       06/08/1948      NZNAC, Wellington - named "Mimiro"

See : http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2012/07/hokitikas-nac-de-havilland-days.html

                     03/12/1953      W.K. Wakeman, Christchurch

                     28/07/1954      Air Contracts Ltd, Masterton

                     18/01/1957      A.H. Blechynden, Hamilton

                     06/04/1959      R.N. Rae, Rotorua

                     10/11/1960      S.M. Marker, Christchurch

                     09/10/1961      J.H. Switzer, Christchurch

                     29/07/1968      A.J. Evans, East Tamaki

                     18/03/1970      R.M. Robertson, Auckland

                     20/04/1971      D.K. Lilico, Auckland

                     15/11/1972      R.M. Robertson, Auckland

                     15/07/1975      Registration cancelled

N83DH         23/09/1975      Hamburg Aerodrome Inc, Lakeview, New York

                     00/12/1984      Registration cancelled

G-ADHA     03/12/1984      B.D. Woodford, Hamble

                     15/04/1985      Wessex Aviation & Transport Ltd, Hamble

                     03/02/1997      Registration cancelled

ZK-ADI       04/02/1997      Croydon Air Services Croydon Aircraft Co Ltd, Gore

                     14/02/2001      Croydon Aircraft Co, Mandeville, Gore

                     30/08/2001      Double U Anchor Ltd, Paraparaumu

                     11/06/2002      Croydon Aviation Heritage Trust, Mandeville

                     12/11/2002      Croydon Aircraft Co Ltd, Mandeville, Southland

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