25 June 2021

Six months to Christmas

 "Six Months to Christmas" has nothing to do this post... it just occurred to me as I naming these photos... My first glimpse of Originair's BAe Jetstream 32 ZK-JSJ arriving into Hamilton this afternoon with flight OGN 423 from Palmerston North. 


  1. Hopefully these flights are getting some business. Much as Origins history has been a bit bouncy I do see a useful niche for the airline, if it can just get the steady numbers going.

  2. There seems to be a number of full loads out of Hamilton... As I've said, earlier flights in the morning would help. There is a lot of business traffic but business people need to be in town in time for their meetings. I have heard a number drive to Auckland and fly out of there.

  3. I do hope they pick things up. But they seriously need to look at..

    What they are trying to achieve.
    Where is their main focus.
    How are they going to achieve it.
    What are they catering for
    How are they going to improve?
    Why do they need to make changes...

    As looking at their schedule, Nelson, Wellington, Palmy and Hamilton with odd days and times that really don't provide what business people need for a full day's work.
    It kinda looks like they have no idea on who they are offering flights for? Are they trying to tap into the holiday makers market or is it a half hearted approach to the business community?
    Why aren't they making an effort to make it work for business people, which essentially is, their main cliental and numbers of passengers that want to use this service as suggested by Steve and proved with what Air Nelson had.

    If only they start pulling a few idea's out of Barrier Air's text book of success in running a professional small airline..

    GBA new Whitianga service is a great example of how to do things properly and not muck around people... Particularly business people who have the money to spend and want a service that suits them..

    The basic... Who, What, where, how and why

    Research suggests a potential market in Whitianga....

    Who will be our main customers?
    Business men and women with holiday makers making up the extras

    Do you 'the community' want an air service?

    The numbers stack up so we are willing to fly to Whitianga..
    How does this schedule suits you?
    Could be improved... we would like this so we have x amount/more time in Auckland for business etc...

    How about these timings GBA??
    Perfect we can do that and will make it work for you...

  4. It's actually really interesting reading comments on facebook on the Barrier air page and reading suggestions from potential customers and genuine and interested replies from Barrier regarding Whitianga