28 February 2017

Air Chathams Chathams' News...

The first two snips are a little glimpse into Air Chathams family from Di from Pitt... one of the great personalities on Pitt!

Was fortunate to have an amazingly clear day with all the Chathams and surroundings so starkly standing out when Mathew flew me to Chats for my conservation meeting just recently. I don’t recall seeing such a sheer unbroken view of the landscape perhaps a photographer’s dream day just magnifique. Am so comfortable and at ease with Mathew’s flying am now dreading the time when we get a change, please not sirs. Mathew for those who don’t know him is the son of the big Air Chathams chief and chieftess and could possibly be an up himself jerk, however, he is the most delightfully, down to earth, casually pleasant unpretentious young man you’d find anywhere, perhaps or a farm or under a bonnet, he’d fit in anywhere. When you’re out there flying those big birds, further down the track please don’t change, you’re a great pilot and a really cool guy just the way you are mate. Thanks for my co-pilot seat, hope I don’t get above my earthly calling in life now that would be scary for everyone and me too.

Source : Chatham Islander, October 2016

Was lucky to get an unexpected trip home after the unfortunate earthquake7.8 which hit round the Kaikoura area and due to that the big Air Chathams plane didn’t fly. Now that was up there with the top brass literally that day. The big chief and chieftess and young chief in waiting all flew to Pitt. Was rather offended when the boss man got into the co-pilot seat but thought it was a bit rude to say ‘hey mate that’s my seat when flying with chief in waiting’ so I was relegated to the middle. Presumably he must have known what he was doing in that seat anyhow, the chieftess and Jess sat behind me, so I guess they were putting age before beauty, very thoughtful. A great flight and very posh to be up there with the elite folk. Thanks Emeny family you’re actually pretty good buggers!

Source : Chatham Islander, December 2016

New Passenger Check In for Air Chathams
As from December Air Chathams passenger check-in at Christchurch and Wellington is changing from Air New Zealand. Auckland check-in is unaffected…
Auckland – Check-in remains the same – Air Chathams check-in counter adjacent to Barrier Air. Boarding gate will remain the same.
Christchurch – Check-in at the Air Chathams check-in counter to the north of Jetstar check-in counters. Boarding gate will remain the same.
Wellington – Check-in at the Air Chathams check-in counter adjacent to Qantas check- in counters at the Northern end of the terminal. Boarding gate will also change to gate 20. Passengers will board a bus at gate 20 and be taken to the aircraft.

Source : Chatham Islander, December 2016

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