18 February 2017

Sunair 22 back to Hamilton

There was a TORRENTIAL downpour (and this is a West Coaster speaking) in Gisborne immediately before our departure back to Gisborne yesterday... Bombardier ZK-NEO through a rain splattered window
Despite rain a few minutes before it was clearing off rapidly as we did a lazy turn out to sea before setting heading...

Level at 9,000 feet
In the distance, White Island
and Whale Island off Whakatane
Dropping into the Waikato
Lake Karapiro
Joining right base for Runway 36 at Hamilton

Pilot Andrew and a happy passenger!


  1. Photo does not look like Hamilton to me. I flew there a lot while member of Waikato Aero Club.

  2. 6 bar epaulettes.....Nice!

  3. 4... the bottom two read Sunair Aviation

  4. Must've flown with ya eyes closed!! That sure is Hamilton.