17 February 2017

Sunair to return to Whangarei

Local Airline Wins Government Tender
‘All of Government’ (AoG) contract for Air Travel Services, winner at Tauranga City Airport.

Sunair Aviation , the only locally based scheduled air transport operator is proud to announce being selected as an approved supplier of air travel throughout the North Island for AoG, being the air transport of all Government personnel. We are delighted to be selected onto the AoG panel of preferred air carriers, allowing Government employees easier access to our services. Last year All of Government air travel was said to be worth $223 million, split between a number of large operators, this year Sunair is included in this esteemed group, as the only North Island, non-jet operator to provide air travel for AoG air travellers, said Company Director, Bev Power. With stiff competition and discussions held with Government panel in Wellington over the past year, we have now had the embargo lifted allowing us to make this exciting announcement. Sunair’s point of difference is flying region to region, offering more direct services and same day returns. This offers time and $$ savings for our clients not going via Auckland or Wellington to reach their destinations and often eliminates overnight accommodation costs and inconvenience. We are expanding with an increase to our scheduled services, soon to include Whangarei to Hamilton, Rotorua and Tauranga.

Source : Sunair Facebook page, 17 February 2017

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  1. Splendid, splendid news! I hope this means an HLZ-AKL service in there. Also I have family the live in Tauranga and work in the far north. Will be giving then the heads up...
    Hopefully a new type of small twin engine aircraft as well?
    Good work Sunair.