27 February 2017

Colours of Woodbourne

Arriving into Woodbourne, air2there's Cessna Grand Caravan ZK-MYH on its afternoon PPQ-BHE-NSN-PPQ service on 23 February 2017
While waiting for departure on the grass runway Air Nelson Bombardier Q300 ZK-NEG was landing on the seal 
The black and white of Air New Zealand - Bombardier Q300 ZK-NEZ
and ZK-NFI
Arriving into Woodbourne in the morning, Ridge Air's Cessna 402 ZK-VAD and Piper Seneca ZK-BJM and Sounds Air's Pilatus PC12s ZK-PLS and ZK-PLZ
Air New Zealand and Sounds Air tails

Three Sounds Air Caravans, ZK-SAY, ZK-PDM and ZK-SAA
Three Sounds Air Pilatus PC12s... ZK-PLZ, ZK-PLS and ZK-PLT 
Ridge Air's Cessna 402 ZK-VAD


  1. Nice picture selection. I often see that air2there caravan in Christchurch they must do a fair bit of charters. PPQ to CHC would be a long flight for it, but there was demand for the route when Air Nelson use to fly it. Although the Q300 was a bit too much for the route.

    1. The middle day services flown by Air Nelson still achieved good metro to Saab like loadings.

      Perhaps in the future when more ATR growth aircraft come on line that will free up a surplus Q300 or two to trial routes again.
      An overnighting early and late service between kapiti and Christchurch would absolutely be popular. Especially as the catchment population continues to steadily increase.
      However at this point there is simply no spare assets to trial such a service.