27 March 2020

Chatham Islands Life Line

In accordance with New Zealand Government requirements Air Chathams is able to operate air freight services and to transport essential people.

The airline will be monitoring the islands need for freight services on a weekly basis.

The schedule for next week will be as follows:

Tuesday 31st March
Depart Chatham Islands @ 1000 Local - Arrive Christchurch @ 1130 Local
Depart Christchurch @ 1300 Local - Arrive Chathams @1545 Local

Thursday 2nd April
Depart Chatham Islands @ 0930 Local - Arrive Auckland @ 1130 Local
Depart Auckland @ 1400 Local - Arrive Chatham Islands @ 1700 Local

Friday 3rd April
Depart Chatham Islands @ 1015 Local - Arrive Wellington @ 1130 Local
Depart Wellington @ 1300 Local - Arrive Chatham Islands @ 1530 Local

The purpose of these flights is to provide essential freight services between the Chathams and Mainland NZ. However, there will be passenger seats available on some flights for transport of essential persons only. 

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