06 March 2020

NZ's Northern Most Air Service - Part 2 - GB616 south to Auckland

This is part 2 of my day with Barrier Air on 4 March 2019, flying this time on the return flight GB616 from Kaitaia to Auckland. While the weather wasn't brilliant I still saw enough on my two flights to know Barrier Air flies over some magnificent countryside and coastline.

My seat up the front with Alex Griffin, the pilot for the day

Wonder what they use for their flight training?

When Kaitaia had a cross runway

Rolling runway 30 Kaitaia

Kaitaia tarmac

Whangatane Spillway

Awanui River

Looking back over the airport

The southern end of 90 Mile Beach and Ahipara Bay


There was much more cloud cover on the return flight so a look at the nav systems

A glimpse of the southern end of Kaipara Harbour 

and the cloud clearing over the coast

A glimpse of the Kaipara Harbour below 

Lake Kereta

The rugged coastline heading towards the Manukau Heads


Bethell's Beach


Manakau Heads and the bar

Turning on the ILS for 05

Big Bay

Barrier 616, Traffic departs ahead, cleared to land 05

A big thanks to Barrier Air for the opportunity to fly with them to Kaitaia
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