11 March 2020

NZ8830 from Christchurch to Hokitika

After my early YAWN flight to Christchurch it was on to my home town of Hokitika on NZ8830 on 9 March 2020...

Push back from the terminal at Christchurch - a nor-west arch kind of sky with a dull gray overcast in Christchurch

Lined up on 02 looking west

Man its dry here - looks like Waikato

The braided Waimakariri River... not a great deal of water

The new look on the Canterbury plains - irrigated dairy country 

The last vestiges of Eyrewell State Forest -  as ex NZ Forest Service, feeling sad

Forest Field - no Forest sadly

Looking south

The Waimakariri River

Looking over to the Rakaia River headwaters...

...and Lake Coleridge
Coming up to the main divide

Cloud cover on the descent to Hokitika to just north of Ross - Mt Cook peeking above the clouds

On the approach for 03

The Hokitika bar where many a ship foundered and many aircraft missed approached... the low murky stuff on the right often sits here and thwarts breaking visual

Sunshine Point  - under threat from continual storms

Home town

Turning around the end of 03/21 - 04/22 in my days!

The terminal was chocka with people

And my ride over the alps as it departs for Christchurch... please move the GPU

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