02 March 2020

Coronavirus Cancellations

Air Chathams has announced the withdrawal of a number of flights from the Chatham Islands to Wellington, New Zealand and the associated return flights due to the extended effects of Covid-19 (coronavirus) on seafood exports. 

Cargo bans are in place in China creating a significant downturn in live export product from the Chathams Islands. As a result Air Chathams has had to withdraw the below flights to Wellington for March and April 2020 as well as the flights returning from Wellington to the Chatham Islands on the same days. These flights are mainly the extended summer season Wednesday flights to and from Wellington. 

The flights for Wednesday 8th of April will remain in place as scheduled as there are no flights occurring on Good Friday the 10th of April and Easter Monday the 13th of April. There will be no flights on Monday 27th April which is the Monday observed for Anzac Day. Flights for Wednesday 29th of April will be unaffected. 

Cancelled flights...

Wednesday 4th March 
Wednesday 11th March 
Wednesday 18th March 
Wednesday 25th March 
Wednesday 1st April 
Wednesday 15th April 
Wednesday 22nd April 


  1. Wonder how this virus and the White Island tragedy will hit Air Chathams. They've been through worse, but can't be a good time at the moment.

  2. Don't think White Island would really hit Air Chats... I presume the fisherman on the Chats are letting the crayfish get bigger... the market will return, just like it did after SARS