25 March 2020

Kia kaha to our airlines...

Air Chathams wishes to advise all flights from Auckland to Whakatāne, Whanganui and the Kāpiti Coast will be suspended from midnight on Wednesday 25th March. We will however, be operating a flight from the Chatham Islands to Wellington and return on Friday the 27th of March 2020. 

Source : Air Chathams facebook page

Hey guys, just to let you know, Air Napier scheduled flights will be suspended till further notice and changes to the NZ Lockdown.⁠ In the meantime, part of our service is still essential & we'll continue to serve with our air freight service and chartering aircraft for medical purposes.⁠

Source : Air Napier facebook page

The Barrier Air team wish to advise all of our customers that flights from 11:59 pm Wednesday 25 March until midnight Sunday 26 April have been cancelled as a result of the recent announcement of New Zealand's change to level 4 COVID-19 alert effective in 48 hours. We will have updated information regarding freight services available tomorrow (24th March) for all Great Barrier Island customers. Barrier Air wishes to thank you all for your patience and continued support throughout this challenging time. Stay safe out there!


Barrier Air has added 2 RESIDENTS and FREIGHT flights to our schedule Thursday and also 1 flight Friday. The focus of these flights will be to carry FREIGHT and RESIDENTS (you must reside on Great Barrier Island and have proof that you are a resident) only needing to get home to GREAT BARRIER ISLAND and people needing to return back to Auckland Airport. 

The Flights are as follows:

Thursday 26th March to Great Barrier Island 🌴

Great Barrier Island - AUCKLAND 🌃

Friday to Great Barrier Island 🌴

Friday to Auckland 🌃


Source : Barrier Air facebook page

Hi everyone - following the PM's announcement today we have put on extra flights in the next 48 hours to get people to where they need to be for the New Zealand wide shut down to combat Covid-19. Scheduled flights will then cease for 4 weeks from 7 pm Wednesday 25 March. We may be able provide air charter services for people providing essential services to combat the virus but we will update on this later. Kia Kaha and be well all - The Team at Golden Bay Air

Source : Golden Bay Air facebook page

Today we’re announcing the temporary suspension of all international flights, as well as a significant reduction in our domestic services across New Zealand from late March until at least 31 May 2020. We understand the huge impact this will have and we’re doing everything we can to support our customers.

Source : Jetstar NZ facebook page

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement today (23 March 2020) all Originair flights have been suspended until further notice effective from Tuesday 24 March 2020. Thank you and please stay safe – the Originair team

Source : Originair facebook page

Flights from midnight Wednesday 25 March until midnight Sunday 26 April are currently cancelled as a result of the recent announcement of New Zealand's change to level 4 COVID-19 alert level effective in 48 hours.

Source : Sounds Air facebook page

In light of the recent Government announcement, Sunair Aviation will be ending all non-essential air services for the next 4 weeks. It is unfortunate, but the health and safety of our country is a top priority at this time. Enjoy this time with your loved ones, stay safe and we hope to see all our services restored in due time. ❤️🛩


  1. Going to be some empty skies tomorrow. Wishing the best for everyone

  2. Since Air Chathams is one of two transport services between NZ and the Chatham Islands, did Air Chathams get a funding from the $600 million aviation fund to operate as an 'essential' service to/from Chatham Islands? I hope they did.