09 October 2010

Aero Commander for Golden Bay Air?

Blue Bus from the NZ Civil Aircraft Blog has squashed all the rumours about Golden Bay Air by emailing owner Richard Molloy direct... He writes...

Rumours are great. We hadn’t considered a Twin Comanche, but maybe we should have! We have contemplated many types, including BN-2, Cessna T303, 402B and C, 414A, 421C, Seneca III & IV, and more... We need good short field performance, useful load, reasonable speed and de-icing, all at a cost we can afford. Lately we have become interested in Aero Commanders, particularly 500B and U models....  they seem to be able to combine the above features. I hope to return to the US in a couple of weeks to take a look at some for sale. Even with the new twin online, ZIG will remain our mainstay as it has been an efficient workhorse for us. Attached is a pic of new livery at Takaka Aerodrome we have used in recent advertising. We enjoy the blog—it’s a great record. Hope you guys can keep up the good work.

I for one would love see an Aero Commander back in NZ skies on a regular service... Also, with Golden Bay Air flying also to Karamea it is remiscent of Golden Coast Airlines's Aero Commander ZK-CTM that used to operate from Nelson through Karamea to Westport and Greymouth.

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