14 October 2010

Once upon a Kiwi Airliner #3

Resident in the Queensland Air Museum at Coloundra in Australia are some ex-New Zealand airliners. This is the third example of photos sent to me by Kelvin Paterson, now living in Australia and features GAF N22B NOMAD VH-BFH (c/n 035) which operated in New Zealand by Southern Air as ZK-SAL. A full account of SAL with Southern Air can be found at http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.com/2010/05/nzs-southern-most-airline-part-2.html  

Above, ZK-SAL at Invercargill on 16 November 1982. Photo : B Whebell
Below, VH-BFH still showing something of the scheme 28 years on at Coloundra on 19 September 2010. Photo : K Paterson  

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