13 October 2010

Eagle Air adds two more flights between Wellington and Taupo

Enterprise Lake Taupo, the region’s economic development agency, would like to thank Eagle Air for listening to our local business community and adding two more flights which make it easier to do business in Wellington. There is an additional flight, Wellington to Taupō, later on a Wednesday evening and another early morning back to Wellington on Thursday which opens up two more working days for Taupō people wishing to do a full day in Wellington. We would also like to thank our business community for participating in an online survey earlier this year and also providing useful data indicating future demand. Taupō Airport Authority has also been hugely supportive of the changes and has assisted Eagle Air in their decision making. “This has been a real community effort and we are so pleased that Eagle Air values their Taupō customers and has shown it through their increased commitment to our region” said Sue de Bievre from Enterprise Lake Taupō. “I would also like to thank, in particular Steve Smith from Poronui, who had many helpful suggestions on how the sectors might work for Eagle Air.” Air transport is a vital part of our travel infrastructure and any positive developments are hugely beneficial to our town. “Please use the flights as we will use them or lose them!” concludes Sue. Please contact Air New Zealand for details of the new flights that commence from 3 November.

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