22 October 2010

Just a general comment...

I hope you enjoy my blog. Thanks to those who have sent me comments, corrections, snippets of news and photos (which I like to credit). I am happy to post whatever people send me or, if you prefer, I am happy to set up anyone to post directly to this site. Also happy to take any suggestions. In anything corrections are really important. If you see anything wrong or missing please let me know.

Have just had a trip to Masterton so I did some more research on Wairarapa Airlines (which filled in a lot of gaps) and Air Wairarapa. Look for posts on those later. Also I hope to start a series on operators through Wairoa. A lot of these are courier firms and so it is very hard to find sure dates for these operations. If you flew into Wairoa or know anything about operators through Wairoa I'd really appreciate an email at westland831@gmail.com

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