29 October 2015

Barrier Air update

Barrier Air are about to change their Kaitaia timetable. From next week the timetable becomes a lot better suited for business traffic to and from Kaitaia. The times will vary as by the end of the month the Caravan will be used on the overnight service to Kaitaia leaving it free to do the Great Barrier services during the day.

1              AKL-KAT       0600   0700
1              KAT-AKL       0710   0810
  2345      KAT-AKL       0620   0730
12345      AKL-KAT       0845   0945
12345      KAT-AKL       1600   1700
12345      AKL-KAT       1800   1915
        5      KAT-AKL       1900   2000

67            AKL-KAT       0930   1030
67            KAT-AKL       1100   1200              
7              AKL-KAT       1645   1745
7              KAT-AKL       1815   1915

According to the grapevine and contrary to the news, the Kaitaia service is going well. The Caravan is more cost effective and this will improve the economics of the Kaitaia run as it builds up.

Barrier Air have also acquired Piper Chieftain ZK-FOP. It is awaiting an overhaul before being available for use over the summer. At the moment Piper Chieftain ZK-VIP is mainly used on the Auckland-Kaitaia service. 

News I heard today - North Shore Air are no longer offering scheduled flights.
This is unfortunate but the climate we operate in means it was always going to be tough.

Barrier Air's fleet comprises...

Cessna 208          SDB
Piper Chieftain    RDT, FOP, VIP
BN Islander         FVD
Partenavia P68     PLA


  1. ������finally hit the nail on head. Well done guys

    1. My clap symbols didn't work! Dam!

  2. What happened to the Tri-landers?