27 October 2015

KRL 001

Kiwi Regional Airlines, inaugural flight, KRL 001 operated from Dunedin to Queenstown this morning. Weather conditions at Queenstown delayed the departure of the flight which finally got airborne from Dunedin an hour late at 8.14am.

Kiwi Regional's Saab 340 ZK-KRA taxis from Dunedin this morning... Photo : Dunedin Airport Facebook Page

 The problem at Queenstown was low cloud as attested to by the airport's webcam. This same low cloud caused Air NZ to cancel the early morning ATR flight from Christchurch....

For passengers on board the first flight however, there was a more pleasant view...

It seems the weather at Queenstown continued to play havoc as the flight did not land until 9.37am. Nonetheless Kiwi Regional can be justifiably pleased their airline is finally airborne!

Welcome to Queenstown... ZK-KRA arrives at Queenstown. Photos : Kiwi Regional Airlines Facebook page

The return flight, KRL002, is currently enroute back to Dunedin.


  1. The thing I worry about is that of these delays happen on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday then there's going to be major delays for the whole day's flights until they get their 2nd plane involved.

  2. The Saab is the wrong aircraft for Queenstown as is the ATR when it comes to poor weather i.e low cloud.