31 October 2015

Wondered where Originair's home is???

Thanks to Warwick for sending through this pic of their Jetstream 31 ZK-JSH, tractor and hangar at Nelson taken this week. I'm looking forward to flying Originair and Kiwi Regional next month on my way home Wellington 


  1. Hope you manage to get on a kiwi flight. .. I wish all the best for kiwi regional adds some much needed color and variety to the aviation landscape. ..
    One question. ... North Shore aerodrome. ... what upgrades/possibilities of having the likes of saabs/j32s and q300s...? paraparaumu was "just" a light aviation aerodrome.... before air nz operated q300 flights took off...

  2. Bearing in mind however that PPQ was 'Wellington Airport' for a while back in the early days. Can't see North Shore Aerodrome ever becoming anything major

  3. Looking at Google maps. guess it will be a little hard to add 500 meters to the runway

  4. No chance. It's short, narrow bordered by a road and close to the motorway and unsealed areas extremely soft when wet.

  5. Do ever so like Originair's livery. Really suits the rakish looking Jetstream. Hope the airline does well and Keeps to the back routes.

    1. You are spot on. It really does compliment the J32 and the interior is also very smart

  6. Just a curious question. .. if you started a airline and you used a livery such as the ansett nz shooting stars or the mount cook orange yellow blue and lyly color scheme. .. are they copy write even though ones bankrupt and the other is now brought by air nz