08 October 2015

Boeing, Boeing, Gone - 14

The final post on NAC and Air New Zealand's Boeing 737s in action... this time the 300 series Boeings

The Millennium colour scheme that ZK-NGA wore... it is seen in both photos at Christchurch in November 1999 (above) and 10 November 2000 (below)

Boeing 737 ZK-NGD in the Pacific Wave scheme at Wellington on 13 September 2006
Minus the Pacific Wave, ZK-NGR at Auckland on 25 October 2010
At wet day on 20 November 2010 at Queenstown as ZK-NGH arrives from Auckland
A beautiful Wellington day on 7 January 2013 as ZK-NGG turns finals for Runway 34
Roaring out of Wellington ZK-NGH on 15 March 2015


  1. Why did Air NZ get rid of the wave???

  2. believe that the Pacific wave decals were coming off regularly so they started peeling them off as each aircraft came in for checks, which became their unofficial 6th livery. .?. then of course air nz launched the new black then fern livery. so some aircraft such as the 747 and 767 and the link fleet kept their waves until repaint/retirement

  3. Have not seen the photos of G-THOE yet, it was leased for a short period a few years ago.