03 February 2017

Some pics from Nelson

Thanks to Josh for sending these pics through from Nelson... Nice to catch up with what is happening in the regions and comments from the regions...

Sounds Air Caravan ZK-SAA heading to Wellington, and NZ Q300 ZK-NFI also heading to Wellington. Taken at Nelson on 27 January 2017

ATR central! ZK-MCC, ZK-MCO and ZK-MCP. Taken at Nelson on 27 January 2017
Josh also recorded Air2There Caravan ZK-MYH operating Originair's afternoon flight to Palmerston North and wrote, Counted 10 people on board so there is some demand after all! 

Jetstar Q300 VH-SBI and NZ Q300 ZK-NFA both getting ready for Wellington flights. Taken at Nelson on 28 January 2017

ATR 72's ZK-MCW, ZK-MCJ and ZK-MCF all enjoying the sun on a hot afternoon. Taken at Nelson on 28 January 2017
Josh also writes... Interesting to see increasing numbers of ATR's here in Nelson, it has only been in the last 12 months that we have been receiving more than 4 of them per day and now it's around 11 or 12 I think. Would be great to see the Originair livery flying again but I'm not too optimistic which is sad because NSN-PMR is obviously getting numbers and if they worked some problems out I think Napier, New Plymouth and Hamilton could work for them.


  1. Indeed Josh, it's such a mystery with Origin and it's been going on for a year they can't seem to get the Jetstream back in the air again no idea what the hold up is.

    1. Given Origin have not chosen to go down the expensive, lengthy road of their own AOC, I'd say they're waiting for air2there to be certified to operate the jetstream. And for key people to be employed to satisfy those regulatory requirements and employ qualified pilots with the necessary experience willing to work for an on again off again airline.

    2. So Origin is like a pseudo airline piggy back on another carrier AOC first with Air Freight and now with Air 2 there.

  2. jsh is currently at fieldair pmr. has been having maintenance done, but unsure why its not flying yet as it seems to be completed and ready to go.

  3. nsn to pmr could be a good route for air chathams to pick up on using a metro.