14 August 2010

Barrier Planes In the Paint Shop...

Noted getting ready for a paint job over the last couple of weeks are three of the aircraft that ply the Auckland Great Barrier run...

At Ardmore BN Islander ZK-PIZ was being stripped... PIZ was the last of the Fly My Sky Islanders with the Mountain Air colour scheme.

ZK-PIZ at Auckland on 26 March 2010. Photo : S Lowe

Meanwhile, over at North Shore Islander ZK-FVD is being stripped back ready for a new coat of paint and work has been proceeding on yet to be registered ZK-KTR which also looks as if it might be ready to painted up soon as well.

BN Islander ZK-FVD at Whangarei on a Northland Health Board charter on 19 May 2009. Photo : S Lowe

Yet to be registered BN Islander ZK-KTR at North Shore on 26 January 2009. Photo : S Lowe

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