12 August 2010

Is Eagle Jinxed at Blenheim???

Source : http://www.stuff.co.nz/marlborough-express/news/4017104/Loud-bang-halts-takeoff

Passengers heard a loud bang as a plane accelerated along the runway at Wellington International Airport shortly before an engine was shut down yesterday afternoon. A passenger on the Beech 1900 bound for Blenheim said he heard the bang which sounded like a tyre blowing out, about 2.15pm. The port side engine was shut down and the plane went through emergency shutdown procedures, the passenger said. The pilot tried to turn the prop when he got out, but could not, he said. There were about 14 passengers on board. "Everyone was pretty jokey about it, but everybody was pretty thankful it happened (before takeoff)," he said. An Air New Zealand spokeswoman told The Marlborough Express this morning crew heard the bang and the pilot shut the engine down. The plane taxied back to the ramp. The incident comes after a Beech 1900 aircraft, ZK-EAA, which took off from Blenheim Airport, had to turn back after a pilot noticed inconsistencies in the engine power settings, on Tuesday morning. An engine was shut down, but the plane landed safely under a local standby and no fault was found, the spokeswoman said. The aircraft involved in the two incidents were not the same, she said.

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