22 August 2010

Southern Scenic's People and Planes

Bruce Gavin has compiled this list of Southern Scenic's people and planes...

PEOPLE included:

F.J. (Popeye) Lucas (co-founder, managing director and pilot)
W. (Bill) Hewett (co-founder, director and pilot)
Barry Topliss (director and chief engineer)
Trevor Cheetham (pilot)
John Kilian (director and pilot)
Tex Smith (pilot)
Russell Troon (pilot)
Bruce Irving (pilot)
Don Nairn (pilot)
Alan Nicholas (pilot)
Hank De Heus (pilot)
Rex Dovey (pilot)
Brian Waugh (pilot)
Paddy Moxham (pilot)
Dave Cowan (pilot)
Clive Coates (pilot)
Geoff Houston (pilot)
Peter Blewitt (pilot)
Malcolm Douglas (pilot)
Sam Sands? (pilot with SSA or TAT?)
Ted Crawford? (pilot with SSA or TAT?)
Alister Gibbons? (pilot with SSA or TAT?)
Eric Ewington (chief engineer)
David Bell (aircraft engineer)
Alec Johnston  (aircraft engineer)
Colin Reid  (aircraft engineer)
Bill Davies  (aircraft engineer)
John Muir  (aircraft engineer)
Brad Lynton  (aircraft engineer)
D.W. (Bill) Davies (general manager)
Lorie Lucas (business manager)
Tom Donaldson (business manager)
Steve Sutton (joined the staff to help develop the Milford Sound airstrip)

AIRCRAFT included:

ZK-AHS    De Havilland DH.89A Dragon Rapide (c/n 6423)
ZK-AJY     Percival P.28 Proctor I  (c/n H.1)
ZK-AKS    De Havilland DH.89B Dominie (c/n 6647)
ZK-AKT     De Havilland DH.89B Dominie (c/n 6673)
ZK-ALW    Auster J/1 Autocrat (c/n 2132)
                   Whites Air Directory, 1947, records this aircraft as registered to
                   Southern Lakes Scenic Trips Ltd, Queenstown
ZK-APG    Percival P.34 Proctor III (c/n H.524)
ZK-APO    Auster J/1 Autocrat (c/n 2212)
ZK-AQH    de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth (c/n 82970)
ZK-AQK    Percival P.44 Proctor V (c/n Ae.79)
ZK-AQL     Auster J/1 Autocrat (c/n.2245)
ZK-ASJ     Chrislea CH.3 Super Ace Series 2 (c/n 129)
ZK-ASO    De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth (c/n 83533)
ZK-AUO    Auster J/1 Autocrat (c/n 1955) hired
ZK-AWS   Auster J/1B Aiglet (c/n 2667 and 386W)
ZK-AWY   Auster J/1B Aiglet (c/n 2668)
ZK-AXY    Avro 652A Anson XII (c/n PH599)
ZK-AYJ     Avro Anson I (c/n NZ418)
                   never operated- used as spares
ZK-AZE     Auster J/1B Aiglet (c/n 2748) hired
ZK-BAU    De Havilland DH.89B Dominie (c/n 6654)
ZK-BCL     Avro 652A Anson I (c/n INST152)
                   used briefly on freight operations
ZK-BCP    De Havilland DH.89B Dominie (c/n 6648)
ZK-BDE    Cessna 180 (c/n 180-30459)
ZK-BFT     Cessna 180 (c/n 180-30961)
ZK-BGO    Cessna 180 (c/n 180-31183)
ZK-BGT     Auster J/5 (c/n 2803)
ZK-BJW    Cessna 180 (c/n 180-31404)
ZK-BJY     Cessna 180 (c/n 180-31421)
ZK-BKS    Piper PA.18A Super Cub (c/n 18-5052)
ZK-BLB     Piper PA.22 Tri-Pacer  (c/n 22-3379) leased
ZK-BUQ    Cessna 180A (c/n 180-32995)         
ZK-CBL     Cessna 180 (c/n RA/3/62)
ZK-CCX    Cessna 185 (c/n 185-0115)


  1. i can allways remember as a kid i guess i was about 10yrs going for my first ride in cessna 180 BUQ this was 1966 the pilots name i remember was called Sam what ever happened to Sam don't see any mention of him,BUQ i seen in Manipouri about 2 months ago i see it is now a skydive plane

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  4. Hi, missed a few, pilots Dave Cowan, Clive Coates, Jeff Houston, Peter Blewitt, Malcolm Douglas & not sure whether Sam Sands, Ted Crawford & Alister Gibbons were SSA or TAT. Also engineers Colin Reid, Bill Davies, John Muir, Brad Lynton & Des Wright(WCA). Sam Bickerstaff didn't fly for SSA.

  5. As I kid I got to go flying a few times with my grand father Tex Smith, Taken from use waaaay to soon.

  6. Jeff Houston should be Geoff Houston

  7. My uncle Clive Coates, flew for SSA from 1962-1964 (I think), I'm writing a biography about Clive's flying career, and this blog has filled in some gaps. Clive mentioned flying with Geoff Houston, Tex Smith. Paddy Moxham and he became very good friends. Clive passed away in 2013.

  8. Sam Sands and his wife (Rosina, I think) were friends of my parents. He flew us into Milford Sound once. A beautiful day, but I got bad earache, which really spoiled it for me. I don't remember much, except Sutherland Falls - spectacular.

  9. My father, A.B. (Woodie) Woodhall was operations manager 1953-56. During school holidays (I was 10 in 1953) various children, mostly boys, would hang out at the Aerodrome and often get flights to Milford Sounds, Sutherland Falls etc if there was an empty seat in a chartered flight. My favourite memories are being put in the hopper of a Tiger Moth and flown to Kawerau Gorge to “help” with top dressing with either Tex Smith or Russell Troon.