06 August 2010

The Colours of Metros in Hokitika - 3

In September 1990 Air Nelson experienced further expansion when Air New Zealand relinquished  Friendship flights between Wellington and Gisborne, Rotorua and Tauranga in favour of Air Nelson's Metroliners. As part of the fleet expansion Air Nelson sourced two Metroliners that were to see service in their previous operator's colour scheme. ZK-NSQ and ZK-NSS (c/n AC692) had both been operated by a British oeprator, Air Metro. These two British Metros were heavier than the rest of the fleet and they did not remain in for long in Air Nelson service. Neither of them were painted in Air Nelson's colour scheme.

NSQ first entered service with Air Nelson in September 1990. It was leased to Eagle Air between March and May 1991. It returned to Air Nelson and remained in service until sold in the UK, its last Air Nelson service being on the 31st of March 1992.

ZK-NSQ arrives in Hokitika on a late spring evening on the 13th of November 1990 (above). The titles script replicated its former operator, Air Metro. After it was returned from Eagle Air the titles changed as shown at Hokitika on 4th of December 1991. Both photos : S Lowe

NSS saw Air Nelson service between September 1990 and January 1991 after which it was sold to Airwork NZ Ltd who continue to operate it today.

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