13 August 2010

Small Planes, Tiny Fares

Featured on some of the Air New Zealand Link aircaraft at present is a push for Grabaseat fares... "Small Planes Tiny Fares" the sticker reads. It seems the new October schedule will see more flights to some provincial centres but the cry from the provinces is for more cheaper seats... Easier to do a Boeing 737 than a Bombardier Q-300 or a Beech 1900...


  1. Yeah! The Boeing 737 is a much wiser choice. It can carry a lot more passengers than the 19-seater Beechcraft 1900. It is much more convenient and less expensive in terms of gas-usage. Plus, if the travel is within the local region only, the Booing 737 can benefit from that.

  2. You honestly think they would use a 737 on a AKL-MRO or AKL-WAG service??? The 1900D and Q300 have there place